Who We Are

The Nautilus School is an independent school empowering children to explore their world and drive their learning through a learner-centered education leveraged by their unique strengths, curiosity, and the community.


Our reimagined one-room schoolhouse allows children of various ages and abilities to learn in a shared space. The learner-centered curriculum allows each child to investigate topics through experiences, resources and texts that are developmentally appropriate and aligned to student strengths. Learners work at their own pace, as valued members of our community.

Within our vision you’ll see...

  • Instruction informed by current educational research and neuroscience

  • A nurturing family-like community of curious learners

  • Space to explore, engage, and learn through hand-on experiences

  • A focus on whole-child development and fostering independence

  • Learner choice in an an open-ended approach to learning

  • Opportunities for children to reflect on their learning and grow into critical thinkers

  • Different learning preferences flourishing

  • A safe, lush environment for time outdoors


Our mixed-age class includes children ages 4-9, coming from a variety of backgrounds and educational histories.  They come to us, as all children do, with a curiosity and spirit that we are committed to celebrating.  They bring with them natural affinities and strengths, as well as challenges and areas for growth.  We are committed to nurturing and supporting those as well.

Core Values

Our commitment to a dynamic, learner-centered environment is rooted in these core values.  These beliefs guide every aspect of our development and reflect our assertion that there are no “average” learners.


Fostering a safe space 

Kind, caring and respectful relationships are foundational in co-creating and sustaining a learning environment that is emotionally, intellectually, and physically safe.


Ensuring equity

Everyone is entitled to the support, opportunities, and resources to be successful in an equitable environment that values families, cultures, and community.


Leveraging strengths and interests   

A strengths-based approach ensures motivation and engagement in one’s academic, social, and emotional growth.


Cultivating agency 

Ongoing opportunities for reflection, feedback, and “thinking about thinking” enable learners to understand how they learn, advocating for themselves and their growth.


Believing that every Learner can

Maintaining high expectations requires designing opportunities for learners to stretch themselves in challenging and exciting ways.  All learners can experience success with the appropriate supports, strategies and guidance.

The Nautilus School seeks to ensure equal enrollment and employment opportunity without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ability, or marital status, in any of its activities or operations.  We are committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment to each member of our school community.