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Curiosity Empowered.


We are creating a safe and productive space for students to engage in rigorous and individualized learning.  Guided by exceptional educators, students are driven by their strengths, interests and needs.

Rooted in current educational research and brain science, we're designing a learning environment that is flexible and designed to meet the needs of all learners.  This begins with investigating how each child learns best and continues through a learner-centered approach.


Why Nautilus?

The nautilus begins within a tiny shell, protecting the animal inside.  As it outgrows the little chamber, it develops and moves into a new, larger one.  This continues throughout its life.

Historically, in literature and philosophy, the nautilus is a symbol of evolution, expansion, and the potential to grow forever.  It also symbolizes the vision that we have for our school, as a community of lifelong learners.


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