A Day at Nautilus

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No two days at The Nautilus School are quite the same, but our days have flow and structure so that learners always know what to expect.

When it’s appropriate - during our Morning Meeting, lunch, yoga, art and music - the learners work together as a community. Explicit academic instruction is done individually, thoughtfully guided by our teachers.

Our learning is not confined to the walls of our classroom, so we’re often out and about - learning from our neighbors and amazing city!


Lots of choices

“When I get to school, I get to play after I put my backpack and lunch away. I have a choice to do lots of stuff - like Jenga, drawing or coloring in my journal, LEGOs. I can play alone or with a friend.

At 8:30 we get to the rug for Morning Meeting. This is when we read the Morning Message (which is my job) and read the agenda so that we know what we’ll be doing for the day. We might talk about cool things like “What kind of dragon would you like to be?” or “A time when we had to make a tough choice.” Everyone gets a turn to share and ask each other questions.

After Morning Meeting, is when we have three stations that we can choose for the beginning of the day. We can read to ourselves, work on our writing, meet with the teachers, practice handwriting - there are lots of choices.”

- AG, age 6

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