A Day at Nautilus

While no two days at The Nautilus School are exactly alike, you can always expect:  

Milissa Mcclaire gary Favorites-0024.jpg
  • Students of mixed ages working collaboratively
  • Small class sizes, with a 7:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Flexible use of our class space
  • Some children working with the teacher, while others work individually or with classmates
  • Students taking pride in their work
  • Children giving and receiving feedback
  • Developmentally appropriate, play-based learning
  • Children eating lunch and snacks as a community
  • Time outdoors, on walks or at the park
  • Predictable routines fostering independence
  • Individualized lessons and learning tasks
  • Thoughtful integration of technology
  • Opportunities for students to experience different learning modalities
  • Discovery and learning outside of textbooks
  • Developmentally appropriate tasks that do not include test prep
  • Family involvement in planning for students’ success